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Dr. Dalia is so wonderful. She makes you feel at ease and explains the procedure in a way that you can understand. She has a lot of patience too. Dr. Dalia is the dentist to go to if you are affraid of going to the dentist. Before she starts she makes sure that you are as comfortable as possible and with no pain. It doesn't even feel like you are getting work done. Thank you Dr. Dalia. You really are amazing!
Vancouver Avenue, USA
I can not put any words for my degree of of satisfactions by her work's value, they are more human and rather say fully justified instead. you will fall in love with her modest office and highly qualified and professional behavior and feel at home. I never experienced any pain and discomfort during my dental treatment and in the processes of her official regularities. She was much of a care taker than a dentist with cold surgery tolls. her establishment is very helpful and regarding the border entry exit process and your stay at San Diego CA in USA or a tourist want to be in Tijuana Mexico.

I strongly recommend her good service and reasonable prices and convenience to the US and Canadians.

Thank you Dr. Delia, My wife loves me more now!
Ontario, Canada
I don't think Dr,Dalia and her staff will ever really know how life changing the work done on my front teeth will continue to affect my confidence and my future. I have been dealing with a progressive enamel deficiency my whole life which has caused every one of my teeth to slowly decay and in most cases be removed for lack of ability to pay for crowns. I am an aspiring actress and appearance and confidence play a huge role in my success. Dr.Dalia, Dr.Sepulveda, Dr.Adrian, As well as mike and the lovely ladies of Dr.dalia dental clinic have restored both. I now have a beautiful smile.6 Canine to Canine porcelain crowns. And further plans to make a partial and 2 more crowns to replace my missing bottom molars. I could tell that there was an emotional investment from Dr.Dalia and her team to help me. I have to admit *shyly* that I was brought to tears after seeing my new smile for the first time. If you are reading this as I did before making my decision I can assure you that you are in very good hands with Dr.Dalia. She will remain to be mine as well as my daughters dentist, as I feel as I am apart of the family now. Where else can you get picked up and brought to your dentist appointment by your actual dentist and her husband. I will be forever grateful.
San Diego, USA
FANTASTIC Experience! I recently accompanied my Parents (who are both Seniors) to Tijuana, Mexico in order for my Father to have major dental work done, as it was just not cost-feasible in the U.S. To be honest, we were initially a little nervous, not sure what to expect. But, our fears were for naught, because Dr. Dalia, her Office Manager/Husband Mike, and her Team were all consummate professionals. They provided professional, thorough, and well-done dental care. They were timely and caring. Because of the extent of what my Father needed done, we were there in T.J. 4 days, and Dr. Dalia and Mike took very good care of us during our stay, even ensuring our most hospitable accommodations at the very nice Hotel next door (right across the parking lot - couldn't have been more convenient for us), and our transportation across the border both ways. We were almost taken aback by just how hospitable they were! You just don't find this level of genuine customer service, caring, and professionalism hardly anywhere anymore. It turned out to be a wonderful experience for us, and we would not hesitate to return to them for dental care. The VALUE was also excellent, and they are happy to work with you within your budget constraints. For those that are hesitating about getting their dental work done in Tijuana, I highly recommend Dr. Dalia's Dental Care - you will not regret it. My Family and I are most grateful to them!
Solano, USA
I was pampered by Dr. Dalia Dental office. Mike, Dr. Dalia's husband took care of all the arrangements, they picked us up and delivered us back to San Diego Airport, we were picked up and driven over the border to Tijuana by Dr. Dalia herself. We, my husband and I, stayed in a 5 star hotel and I was driven back and forth for each appointment, by either Anna, Dr. Dalia or Mike. He also set up all the hotel accommodations and would check with me for what I needed.

Because of the amount of work I had done, we received 3 nights free at the hotel we were staying at paid by Dr. Dalia's office. Check out their discounts, including military discounts along with their pricing and reviews.

There was a group of 4 Dentists who worked on me, each with different specialities, they did only what they needed to do, not more than was necessary. There is absolute honesty there and I knew they were taking care of me and my dental needs. They each saw me on Monday morning and decided what needed to be done, they discussed each procedure with me prior to, during and after, there were no surprises.

Dr. Dalia is the head of the team, very knowledgeable and a wonderful and caring dentist. The clinic is small, but has 5 working chairs, it is clean and comfortable and yes their tools and equipment are sterile (a couple people have asked me if it was clean, yes of course it is!). This was like being in the states, except not fancy. I paid way less than 1/2 the price for my dental work because the overhead is so much lower in Tijuana than in the USA. They use the same providers and products as the dentists in the USA and pay the same price for them. I had titanium implants and a beautiful porcelain crown on the root canal I had done.

Even though I had very major work done over a 5 day period, there was no pain during the procedures. If I started to feel pain, each Doctor would stop and give me more Novocain immediately. I spent time meditating in the chair while I was worked on. The day of surgery was the most difficult for me because I had a lot done in 2 hours. A 3 tooth bridge cut, 2 teeth extracted, 1 small bone graft, 1 large bone graft and 3 titanium implants placed in my upper and lower jaws. Dr. Dalia told me if it was too much for me, they would stop because it was a lot of work at once for my nervous system to handle. I needed to get these infected teeth out and made it through. I rested for the next few days and I am still taking it easy as requested by the Dr. Cesena, my Dental Surgeon.

In 3 or 4 months I will be going back the Dr. Dalia's Dental Clinic to complete the implants and seat the permanent crowns on the 3 implants I had done. It is totally worth it to travel if you have any major dental or cometic dental to have done. If I lived in Southern CA, they would be my only dental office, but the cost of traveling does add in. Still even with the cost of traveling I saved thousands of dollars and I made new friends. I look forward to seeing them again.

Check out reviews, right now 5 stars on every one of their 86 reviews. I would give them 10 stars if it was available. I highly recommend Dr. Dalia Dental Care and the great team there.
Petaluma, USA
My trip to Tijuana was one of the best decision I have made in recent years. My experience was beyond my expectations. I was a little apprehensive for going . After talking to Dr. Dalia's husband Mr. Mike who is also the office manager I felt like that will be my best destination. The whole staff is very knowledgeable of their field of expertise. Dr. Dalia is a very nice woman she is more concerned by her patient well being than anything else ( and I really mean it ). Eventhough I come from a different country I did not feel alone in Tijuana because I have Dr. Dalia and her staff on my side .Her husband Mr. Mike is a genuinely kind person he took it upon himself to give us a tour of San Diego my son and I after my procedure was done. You can call them anytime when you stay in Tijuana and they will respond. I even have my prescription delivered to my hotel room when I was not able to pick them up. The location of the clinic is less than one minute walk from the hotel. This is something I am glad I did I would have never get it done better any where else. Do not hesitate if you need to go they are the best of the best. Their service is awesome they are very caring . Thank you Dr. Dalia , thank Mr. Mike, thank you Dr. Adrian, thank you Anna you guys are the best of the best your service is the icing on top of the amazing dental work See you soon, I can't wait to go back .Cheers !!!!
Atlanta, USA
I have to admit when reading all the reviews I was a bit suspicious at how all were nothing but positive... I did my research and dug a little deeper to the point I chose to pick Dr. Dalia Dental Care. Starting with just a exam.. I have to say I have never had a better dental experience.. Very professional at all times yet a warm touch toward all the patients. Wait time, moments and I was one of 4 people in the waiting room at the time. Dr. Marisela Sepulveda was working with me.. All I can say is Wow.. Very personable & professional .. For anyone concerned, every one speaks perfect English.. I needed to pick up some Med's for future dental work and get this.. Dr. Sepulveda not only provided me with discount cards, after I got back form the pharmacy ( a nice stroll through a mall. ) Dr. Sepulveda checked my med's wondered why I had so much more that I should have had and then even walked with me to the pharmacy to make sure they didn't over sell me.. Turns out 2 of the antibiotics were on special 2 for one.. I spent all of 21.00 for the med's. .. Nuts.. A Dr. walking me to a pharmacy.. What service. Believe it or not, I'm looking forward to my next appointment.

I would like to clear up a little about the safety in going to T.J. I have I'm 61, born in Cleveland. White boy. lol.. I have to say all the news media pumps up a lot of bad press as far as the safty there in T. J. Mexico.. I have been going there for years for business. Very safe and I have never felt fear or threatened in any way at any time. You can feel at ease with traveling there. And with the border pick up and drop off provided by Dalla Dental Care.. How can anyone go wrong. Safety, great work at a great savings.. I highly recommend anyone's concretion of this dental office. Thank you Dr. Sepulveda , And thank you for reading my review. Oh and Dr Sepulveda is welcome to pass out my phone # to anyone who as any questions regarding this post.
San Diego, USA
I can't say enough positive about my experience with Dr Dahlia's Dental Care. I was there to primarily have two implants which I could not afford if done in the US. I would have been pleased if my experience approximated my experiences of dental care in the states, but I am happy to say that it exceeded it. If I were able I would have all my dental care at this clinic, but as I an at a distance it is not convenient.

When this option was first suggested, I had immediate reservations, about having dental work done in Mexico, but the potential savings propelled me to look further into this. After researching these clinics in general, dental tourism, and this clinic in particular, i did not see a down side. My work involves supervising clinical research, so I trust my abilities to evaluate these settings, and get some sense of the quality of patient care. Having said that I can't say enough about the high level of care offered by this clinic.

A few examples. I worried about pain I experienced around the gum line of one of my molars where food seemed to get trapped. I suggested to my stateside dentist that perhaps I needed a new better fitting crown. I was hesitant because of the additional cost, but they thought that would be a good idea. When Dr Dahlia's clinic did their evaluation, they let me know that I did not need a new crown, that it was a periodontal issue, and regular deep cleanings, followed up by consistent care on my part would be the way to go. Also I was told state side that I might need a little bit of a build up of my gum tissue to insure a good cosmetic effect when a crown was placed on a front tooth. Dr Dahlia's assured me that I did not need this. One of the two bone grafts I had with my local dentist apparently did not take. Dr Victor, the oral surgeon, simply took care of this, doing another graft with my bone tissue, and they did not charge me for it. In all of these instances I would have had work that was not necessary but costly. I'm not the best dental patient, as I get anxious going to the dentist. The care, the reassurance, the attentiveness to how I felt was outstanding. In my supervisory work here, we work hard to teach these interpersonal qualities to student clinicians, but as anyone knows who has gotten dental/medical care in the states, those aspects of care are often sadly missing. Not so here. When I had trouble getting a particular credit card to work, Mike, the clinic manager, sat with me for close to an hour after the clinic had closed (I was still a bit fuzzy from the oral surgery I'd just finished) to help me make this work. All of the staff were friendly and accommodating. When I erroneously thought I'd be ready to go out to a mall the evening after I had the oral surgery, one of the staff let me know she'd drop me off and show me where to get a cab back. (That turned out to not be a great idea. I stayed in and took it easy that evening!)

My hope is to give enough detail here to make it clear that this clinic is a find. I will be going there in the future to have any major work done.. I have gotten estimates for having my son's extensive dental work done there as well.
San Francisco, USA
I have been traveling from Seattle to work with Dr. Dalia. The first question everyone asks is whether I save money given the travel expenses. Absolutely. The value is there.

The second question is about quality. Again, absolutely. Dr. Dalia has impressed me with her expertise and her insistence on the highest quality work. She won't take shortcuts or compromise. At the same time she is very efficient and gets the work done very efficiently. She has specialists readily available so the treatment is top notch. The care I receive is better and more efficient than what I have experienced in the States.
Seattle, USA
Dr. Dalia and her staff performed excellent work and displayed lots of hospitality. I had 2 root canals and some bonding done on my two front teeth to bring them closer together and repair a chip that was previously present. Adrian, who performed the op gave me a new smile with just this one operation worthy of returning (returning in 10 days). The bonding feels and looks incredibly natural, an artistry if you ask a performing musician. The specialist they recruited for the root canal was incredibly gentle when applying the local anesthetic, unlike many American doctors whom rapidly apply the drug. I will be making this my new regular dentist most absolutely!
Tacoma, USA
This was my second trip to Dr. Dalia Dental Care. I had 4 appointments over a 2 week period to complete 3 implants. I cannot imagine going anywhere else, especially if you need dental care that is really expensive in California. Dr. Dalia, her husband Mike and all the staff are easy to work with. Mike helps set up all of our needs for getting to and from the clinic and knows the best places to stay at a discount. I tell all my friends to come here. My daughter came with me and we made this into a real dental vacation. Between appointments we went over to Long Beach and took a 4 night cruise to Mexico, having lots of fun (you can shop this and get ridiculously low cost cruises). We then headed back to Tijuana and I had my 2nd appointment, then over the next week my 3rd and 4th. Dr. Dalia and everyone make it very easy for us to be comfortable. Next time I come down for dental I will make sure I have a phone that works internationally, that did slow down communications, which was my fault not the dental clinic's. I highly recommend Dr. Dalia Dental Clinic the cost, even with a cruise vacation and traveling, was less than 1/3 of the prices in my area.
Petaluma, USA
What a wonderful experience going to the dentist! I parked on the US side of our border and walked across to Tijuana on the pedestrian walkway. After about a 12 minute walk around the perimeter of a hospital to the clinic, I grabbed a breakfast and coffee at the casino sharing the same parking lot. Dr. Dalia, the owner of the clinic, arrived with a cheery hello and I met my personal dentist shortly afterwards. Dr. Marisela Sepulveda was equally cheery and did a very professional workup on my ideas for resurrecting the perfect smile of my younger days. Then she personally did my cleaning, and I was on my way! I feel very good about having made a connection with a dentist who will see me through my retirement years on a yearly basis. She has one of the best "bedside manners" I have ever encountered in a medical professional, something very important to me with my fear of all things "white coated." The cost to rejuvenate my smile is something I can easily accomplish financially. I am surprised to actually admit that I look forward to my next visit to my new dentist!
Las Vegas, USA
I have been at Dr. Dalia dental care office many times. They have fixed 13 teeth. What you get if you let them fix your smile? At least the half of price of what you'd pay in California and the best quality crowns instead for the cheapest ones you'd get in Cali. My estimate in Cali $9.900 with regular - cheap crowns and less than $5K at Dr. Dalia dental office with top quality crowns. Very friendly and professional, my work schedule is very difficult but guys have always found the day that worked out best with my schedule. Would definitely come back.
San Clemente, USA
I want to thank Dr Hector and Dr Dali for my 28 new crowns. They are beautiful. I'm not in pain anymore. Dr Hector was very gentle and took time to make sure everything was perfect before I left. While we were there my husband decided to have two cavities filled turns out he only needed one. But he had terribly infected gums which doctor Delhi is treating him for. I would highly recommend Dr Dalia Dental Care to anyone. My sincere thanks to everyone Brenda Parker.
Seaside, USA
I highly recommend this office, the whole staff was so nice and helpfull. They go beyond to keep you comftorable while your there. The only problems I had was getting to the office, they do have a video on there website that I should've looked at and I didn't. Also the people that are in charge of scheduling your appointment I believe there hired by the office, can get you really confused when trying to get you an appointment time that worked for me, I had about 3 different people contacting me giving me different timings. Otherwise I had a best experience with all the office staff, very clean.
Gilroy, USA
Dr Esquivel made me feel at ease. The ex-rays revealed needed care. Dr Esquivel explained in detail the protocol of my next visit. It means good health fulfilling all my appointments. I don't feel so anxious and look forward in caring for my next visit with Dr. Esquivel.
Santa Maria, USA
I have to really express my gratitude to the docs at Dr Dalia for sound an amazing job. I was nervous about going to Mexico for dental work but took a shot since the cost is about a third of what they wanted in the US. Thank goodness I did! They have specialists for everything, and I needed a root canal, and some crowns. Luce is the root canal expert and she was awesome and Hector the crown guy, actually talked me out of doing some cosmetic crowns as my teeth had fillings in them and he was concerned that if he put crime on them it would weaken them and they wouldn't last as long in the future and my smile was good with out them. They save me from spending an extra $1500 for no reason, work that would have cost me $3600 in the us and no doctor here tried to talk me out of. That commitment to honesty really impressed me! Thank you Hector! Also they used a really good numbing agent before the novacaine and I barely felt the shot! Over all one of the best dental experiences I have ever had! Worth the hassle of crossing the border. I parked and walked across then took a taxi ther for 5 bucks. I recommend coming back across the Chapparral border crossing on the way bac as it is much faster and puts you right across from the outlet stores!! Where if you park when you get there it is free! Go see Dr Dalia!
Hollywood, USA
I visited Dr. Dalia's office 4 times over the last 5 months concerning a tooth implant. For the first visit, I met Dr. Dalia in Chula Vista and she ended up driving me across the border because the Mexican insurance office was closed (I was supposed to follow her across). Her office is just across the border making it easy to drive to. The only challenge in the trips was going back but here is what I did: I paid the taxi driver $5.00 and followed him to the entrance to the Medical Pass entrance to get back across to the US. Because of all the construction in Tijuana, getting back is more difficult than driving over.

In terms of the dental care I received while there, I would rate it top notch. I knew I was saving money yet a little apprehensive at first. But once I got started and getting more comfortable with the people there, I definitely felt like it was the right decision. I would do it again if given the opportunity and would recommend it to anyone getting major dental work done that don't want to pay US prices.
Chula Vista, USA
Excellent service, courteous, professional. Dr. Gloria was very good - she cared so much about what I wanted and went out her way to make sure I was happy - would highly recommend. There was no bad service - from 1st phone call to taking me late due to traffic was amazing - warm friendly staff
Temecula, USA
My experience from begining to end was very positive, the quality of the work, the staff, the facility, the timing, the kindness and comfort were better than in the U.S. Dr. Dalia Dental Care is amazing!
San Jose, USA
Dr Dalia office and staff are excellent. Dr Dalia worked with me and had me see a specialist, Dr. Hector in her office to correct the issue with my teeth. I am very pleased so far with the results and excited to finish the restoration of my teeth.
Chula Vista, USA
My experience with Dr. Dalia's Office was great. The doctors were on time and the doctor I had was the most gentle doctor I have ever had. The extraction of my wisdom tooth was difficult but I had no pain and the doctor was diligent in getting the job done. Overall my experience was good and I will not hesitate to make recommendations to friends, family anyone that needs affordable dental care.
Hemet, USA
Dr Esquivel made me feel at ease. The ex-rays revealed needed care. Dr Esquivel explained in detail the protocol of my next visit. It means good health fulfilling all my appointments. I don't feel so anxious and look forward in caring for my next visit with Dr. Esquivel.
Santa Maria, USA
What an amazing experience!!! Your people are amazing Adrian!!! Mike, and Dr's changed my life. If anyone want a more in depth review please contacts!
California, USA
I am so happy with the staff and their courteousness. I will recommend your office to all my friends, Gloria is a jewel. Thanks for the services you have provides!
California, USA
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